Looking after your Odd Flowers

A bloom won't last without care

Trim two centimetres off the end of your stems, at an angle. Pluck any leaves or flowers that will sit below the water line.

Fill a vase with clean water. Add the flower food we sent with your blooms. Change the water and re-cut the stems every three days.

Remove any flowers as they fade. Never put your flowers on a radiator or in direct sunlight.

Arranging your Odd Flowers

Always let your inner artist blossom.

The Triptych

Start with three focal flowers for a triangular foundation. Pop in the remaining stems, following the same pattern.

The Twining

Start with five focal flowers twining around the vase in a whorl-shape. Pop in your remaining flowers, following the flow.

The Tangle

Experiment with lengths by snipping your stems. Make sure your focal flowers are the tallest but vary their lengths.